Body Painting

Body painting, or sometimes bodypainting, is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and can last several hours or many weeks.Body painting that is limited to the face is known as face painting. Body painting is also referred to as (a form of) "temporary tattoo"; large scale or full-body painting is more commonly referred to as body painting, while smaller or more detailed work can sometimes be referred to as temporary tattoos.

Kids Room Painting

Kid's room a makeover that is sure to turn into a favourite memory. Kids mostly like Cindrella, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry World theme and give them a room that compliments their personality, feeds their imagination or is just downright awesome. With a range that includes glow in the dark themes, magnets and ceiling themes to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Oil Painting

Your every room is where so many important moments in life occur, so make sure you have a beautiful setting for them with these every room paintings from hand made. From landscapes to portraits to 'still life', wall paintings there are so many gorgeous subjects that can bring color and style to your space.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are created as an alternative way for individuals to decorate their skin. Temporary images can be produced by several methods. For example, they can be hand drawn, spray and painted using a brush with water insoluble dyes or pigments. Although this method requires a talented artist to create a high quality image, it does produce a picture which can be removed fairly easily. A better way of achieving a temporary tattoo is by decalcomania, which is the process of applying a decal to the skin. This approach allows the user to apply a preprinted image to the skin at their convenience. Decal-style tattoos are so simple to apply that even a child can use them and the image that is produced can be easily removed with soap and water. Temporary tattoos can be easily changed to suit the whims of fancy and fashion. Decal-style temporary tattoos are made by printing an image onto special paper coated with a transfer film. To apply the tattoo the user simply moistens the paper and the film slides off the backing layer carrying the image onto the skin.

Canvas Painting

Canvas painting has become the most common support medium for oil painting, replacing wooden panels. Canvas was made of linen, a sturdy brownish fabric of considerable strength. Linen is particularly suitable for the use of oil paint. In the early 20th century, cotton canvas, often referred to as "cotton duck," came into use. Linen is composed of higher quality material, and remains popular with many professional artists, especially those who work with oil paint. Cotton duck, which stretches more fully and has an even, mechanical weave, offers a more economical alternative. The advent of acrylic paint has greatly increased the popularity and use of cotton duck canvas. Linen and cotton derive from two entirely different plants, the flax plant and the cotton plant, respectively.

Portrait Painting

A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.

Illusion Painting

Art is illusionistic by nature. In the case of a painting, a three-dimensional scene is depicted by a two-dimensional image.In the 19th century the Impressionists began to look at color relationships and to recognize that an image isn't necessarily perceived as an integrated whole, as in classical depictions; what we really perceive is changing patterns of color and tone. It was found that the use of cool tones makes an object appear farther away than a similar object painted in warm tones. A neutral tone painted next to a color would assume the appearance of the complementary color.

About Us

Along with the amazing designs that we provide; we ensure that the procedure used by us are safe to meet international standards of hygiene. Everything that comes in contact with your skin is used for the first time. Be it needles gloves, ink caps, razors etc.

Therefore the vision of this 3D Tattoo parlor is not only to materialize the aspirations of our clients, rather we do it in a manner that we are able to take it to a very different level which surpasses all levels of perfection and excellence. Come experience the magic for yourself…….!

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