Pencil sketch- pencil sketch is a technique in which pigments of pencil are used to draw a sketch which is used in such a way that it seems to be real. Artist gave various shades in art to make a illusion of real art.

Colors pencil sketch- Color Pencil sketch technique in which pigments are mixed with hot, liquid wax.After all of the colors have been applied to the painting surface a heating element is passed over them until the individual brush or spatula marks fuse into a uniform film.

About Us

Along with the amazing designs that we provide; we ensure that the procedure used by us are safe to meet international standards of hygiene. Everything that comes in contact with your skin is used for the first time. Be it needles gloves, ink caps, razors etc.

Therefore the vision of this 3D Tattoo parlor is not only to materialize the aspirations of our clients, rather we do it in a manner that we are able to take it to a very different level which surpasses all levels of perfection and excellence. Come experience the magic for yourself…….!

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